Who's faster - you, or your friends?  Find out in a safe and friendly competition!  Race against the clock - best times win!

Please note: helmets are required, and there will NOT be loaner helmets available.

CARFEST - The best way to experience AUTOCROSS:

  • no standing around all day waiting
  • no working the course


  • Drivers get 4-5 back to back runs through the course
  • Your official time will be the best of your 3 runs
  • Hitting cone(s) will add 1 second (per cone) to your time for that run
  • NO WORKING required!


  • All drivers must have a valid driver's license
  • All drivers must attend the driver meeting, which will include course walk down. (Morning session meeting at 9:30am, Afternoon session meeting at 1:30pm)
  • All vehicles must pass tech inspection prior to entering the course (car must be empty of any loose items, battery securely tied down, all lug nuts on wheels, intake is tight, fluid levels good, tight throttle cable, no floor mat, helmet on)
  • All drivers must have a helmet - any DOT approved helmet with protection for the top and both sides of head is acceptable. However, Snell SA 2010 or higher helmets are recommended.
  • Drivers must be ready and in the staging lane 5 minutes prior to their run time.
  • One passenger is permitted in your vehicle, as long as they also have a helmet
  • All spectators must stay outside of the fenced Autocross area


Prizes for:

  • ECS Tuning's prize of $300 to the Fastest European Car (Audi/VW/BMW/Porsche)
  • Fastest First Timer
  • Fastest Beginner
  • Fastest Experienced
  • Fastest FWD
  • Fastest AWD
  • Fastest RWD
  • Fastest Female
  • Fastest Couple

Special Awards may include:

  • Most with the least
  • Fastest large car
  • Most unique/most random vehicle