A single violation of any rule may be grounds for permanent banning and removal from the premises at the sole discretion of CARFEST staff (with no refund or credit issued).

Gate is open 24 hours for ticket holders, but gate sales will only be available from 8am - 3pm each day.

No Burnouts (anywhere on the property)

No Loud Music (not audible 10 feet away from car)

No Speeding in the paddock or on the main boulevard

No Excessive Engine Revving

Pedestrians must yield to travel lanes

Children 12 and under must be adult supervised

Only licensed & insured drivers may drive on the property

No Vendors Permitted unless previously approved by CARFEST

No Alcohol during hot track hours (8am - 5pm)

BYOB (no alcohol will be sold on site)

No Illegal Substances

Smokers must obey ORC and stay away from building entrances, and dispose of cigarette butts properly

No Littering – dispose of trash properly

Respect others’ property & vehicles – be cautious of parking proximity, opening doors, etc.

Skateboards, rollerblades, bikes, and other personal transportation must be kept at least 5 feet away from cars

No motorized mini-bikes are permitted

Be Respectful – remember the common interest that brings us all together, everyone still has his or her individual tastes and style

This Property is Under Surveillance – by entering you consent to being videotaped and/or photographed

By entering the premises you agree to indemnify and hold harmless event organizers and property owners from any liability