CARFEST 2020 "Lite" - COVID-Safe Operating Plan

CARFEST 2020 Update:

July 23, 2020 - We have had to re-invent CARFEST for 2020 as a "Lite" version.  We've delayed any formal announcements for CARFEST 2020 due to uncertainty.  It is now close enough to the event with reasonably predictable safety/regulatory precedents set that we can finalize this announcement.

Below are the highlights of how CARFEST 2020 "Lite" will work:

  • Invite-only, private event.  If you have held tickets in the past, or have driven with AutoInterests you will be invited and have an opportunity to extend that to a limited number of friends and family
  • NO SPECTATORS or GENERAL ADMISSION will be available: the event is open only to participants and crew
  • All persons entering the property must have a participant or crew pass
  • All activities are capped at a maximum of 250 entries per day (some, such as the Dyno, will be less)
  • All motorsports activities will be held as they have been in prior years
  • NO GATE SALES - all registrations must be purchased in advance, online
  • Vendor midway will be dramatically reduced to avoid congestion and allow proper distancing
  • Number of food trucks will be reduced due to limited participant numbers and to support distancing
  • The banquet is cancelled for this year
  • Socially distanced outdoor entertainment will be held

Additional details will be provided in the event invitations that will be sent out over the next couple weeks (watch your inbox).  We appreciate your patience as information and registration procedures are finalized.

Additional information:

We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you with your beautiful cars at CARFEST!