Commonly asked Q&A's are below.

Please note - any reference to "General Admission" is relating to the traditional CARFEST format, however, for 2020 there are NO General Admission tickets - only participants and crew. Read more about CARFEST 2020 "Lite" and our COVID-safe operating plan here.

Where is CARFEST 2020?

Pittsburgh International Race Complex
201 Penndale Rd.
Wampum, PA 16157

Pittsburgh International Race Complex is located in Big Beaver Borough, near Wampum, PA. Located on PA Rt 18, approximately 2.3 miles north of the PA Turnpike (I-76) Exit 13 (Beaver Valley), and is accessbile from all major highways, including I-79, I-376, and I-80.

When is CARFEST 2020?

Saturday Sept. 5- Sunday Sept. 6, 2020

What is CARFEST?

CARFEST is an automotive enthusiast festival designed to bring together different aspects of automotive events, all packed into a single action-packed weekend! The festival offers very accessible grassroots motorsports activities open to all makes, models and experience levels.

It is designed for fans of racing and other aspects automotive performance to have their chance to participate and not just spectate!

CARFEST is includes road course driving, autocross competition, a car show, on-site dyno days, drag racing, karting, banquet with guest speaker, live bands and entertainment and much more!

Do I need a specific car?

Nope - bring what you've got! We are open to all makes, models, and experience levels! The purpose of CARFEST is to get YOU involved and participating with YOUR car. Sure you can come and spectate, but why not be a part of the action?! Sign up to drive on track, autocross, put your car on the dyno, enter the car show, or drag race.

Your car doesn't need to be fast or new or perfect, and you don't need experience. (Your car does need to be safe though - general maintenance is key!) There are dyno awards for lowest HP, and autocross awards for most with the least; you're guaranteed to feel welcome and have fun!

What's included with General Admission?

A General Admission ticket is only good for the day(s) that is was purchased for, unless you purchase the full weekend ticket. Please reference the schedule page to see which events take place on which days. A General Admission ticket entitles you to:

  • Live entertainment Saturday night: DJ, Live Bands, & Electric Afterhours
  • Access to the vendor midway & garage area
  • Car Show viewing & voting (Saturday)
  • Access to all prime spectator areas for road course event, including main paddock area
  • Chance to ride-along with instructors on track
  • Access to designated viewing areas for Streetlight Drags (Friday night & Saturday night)
  • Access to designated viewing areas for AutoX (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Access to designated viewing areas for the Dyno (Saturday & Sunday)
  • Access to designated viewing areas for Karting (Saturday & Sunday)

How much are tickets for children/teens?

Kids 12 and under are FREE but must be accompanied by their parent(s) at all times. 13-17 years of age require ticket purchase and must be adult supervised.

What do I get with my driver entry?

If you are driving in the HPDE or Acclimation Program (on-track driving) you are entitled to access & view all festivities, except the banquet, which is a separate charge and registration.

What do I get with my AutoX entry?

Your weekend general admission ticket is included (see above for what's included with general admission). You are also eligible to win autocross awards if participating in any Saturday session (Sunday sessions are for fun only).

What are the rules and requirements for AutoX?

What do I get with my car show entry?

Car show entry entitles you to participate in the car show and be eligible to win awards. A Saturday only General Admission ticket is INCLUDED with car show entry, but you have the option to upgrade to a full weekend General Admission.

How does the car show work?

When can I arrive and enter the facility?

Registered participants and crew members - you may enter at anytime (day or night). For online ticket purchases, your name will be on the gate list.  Early entry for overnight campers available Friday at 6pm.

From 6:00am until 8:00am gate open ONLY to:

  • HPDE Drivers
  • Acclimation Program Drivers
  • AutoInterests Instructors
  • Anyone already wearing a CARFEST wristband

HPDE drivers need to get in during this time in order to get through tech inspection and driver meetings on time. Thank you for being courteous and understanding.

Will there be food available?

Yes!  Click here to see all the awesome food trucks that will be on site!  You can also bring your own food & beverages and/or bring a grill to cook food and camp overnight. Please note - no alcoholic beverages during hot track hours (8am-5pm).

Is camping permitted?

Yes! Camping is available for overnight stays at PittRace on Friday and Saturday. RVs and tent campers both are welcome. Shower facilities are available for all campers. PittRace does not provide a sanitary dump or water facilities for RVs. Primitive camping is $15 per person for the weekend.

Are there hotels nearby?

What are the event rules?

Who will be in the vendor midway?

What if it rains?

This event is held regardless of weather. Refunds are not issued due to weather.

If you're driving, keep in mind, many drivers enjoy going out on track to learn the rain line, as well as how to adjust their technique for driving their car on the wet surface. You can learn a lot in the rain!

Is there fuel on site?

PittRace features quality Sonoco fuels in the following formulations: 100 octane unleaded, 110 octane leaded, 93 octane unleaded. Prices per gallon vary with market conditions. All are "pay at the pump" with a limit of 3 transactions per credit card per day.

Are there showers on site?

Showers are available in the restrooms at the Event Center, North Track garages, and Karting Center.

Are campfires permitted?

Open campfires are not permitted. Grills, and contained elevated fire pits are permitted at least 50 feet away from the fuel farm.

Is alcohol permitted at the track?

Alcohol and driving don’t mix, so alcoholic beverages are not permitted during track operating hours for any team, driver, or crew member.

If you are a spectator, alcohol may be consumed responsibly and in a safe manner in spectator areas. No open containers are permitted in any paddock at any time during track operation.

Drunkenness, profanity, and/or violence will not be tolerated. Those abusing the rules will be asked to leave immediately. If you are departing our facility after an event, please, for your personal safety and that of you passengers and our community, don’t drink and drive.

Are there bleachers available?

Pitt Race has a limited amount of bleachers on Spectator Hill and by Karting. We encourage our guests to bring blankets and canopies to set up to view events. All tents must be appropriately staked down and not in the line of sight of other spectators.

How fast are the go-karts? What age/height is required?

A GX 270cc Honda 4-stroke 9.5 horsepower engine powers the karts. Pitt's rental karts can reach speeds up to 45 mph. For safety reasons the driver must be able to comfortably reach both pedals.

To drive an adult rental kart, racers must be at least 5 feet tall. They also have junior karts available with a height requirement of 4 feet. The junior karts are smaller and have a top speed of 35 mph.

HPDE & Acclimation Program FAQ's

HPDE & Acclimation Program PRE-EVENT GUIDE can be found here.   Please make sure you review this information prior to the event!

AutoInterests runs the HPDE & Acclimation Program portion of CARFEST - please watch your inbox for pre-event emails from AutoInterests and review the "DRIVER INFO" tab in the main menu of autointerests.com.

For PittRace track & facility information, check here.